Carol comes under fire in online staffroom

Shilpa or Jackiey? Dirk or Leo? It depends on their opinion of teachers. As the nation huddles round Celebrity Big Brother, teachers on the TES online staffroom are deciding who gets their "education" vote.

Carole Malone, the Sunday Mirror journalist who has decried "namby-pamby politically correct teachers" and "appalling" literacy, is among the contestants. One teacher said: "We should start a childish and petty campaign to vote her out."

Others were swayed by the celebrities' classroom connections: Ian "H"

Watkins, from pop band Steps, has a teacher brother. But others are more interested in contestants' own school records. One teacher said Jo O'Meara, formerly of pop band S Club 7, had been bullied while at Essex comprehensive. After the S Clubber's bitching about film-maker Ken Russell, she said: "I was quite disappointed to see someone who had reportedly been a victim of bullying sniggering about an old man."

Others focused on academic ability. Some were won over to Danielle Lloyd, model and footballer's girlfriend, by news that she has nine GCSEs and A-levels in biology and chemistry. One teacher said: "Aww bless, I think she is my fave now."


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