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Carry on Carrie

From West to East Lothian and the unlucky Anne Marie Carrie, head of education services. Not long back from pranging her prized sports car, she has suffered another blow, as she confessed last week at a lunchtime launch of the council's video pack on personal safety.

Carrie, not Currie as Radio Scotland labelled her in a morning interview, and not education director either, confessed it was a matter of some irony that she was launching the initiative on personal safety. As fortune would have it she broke her ankle a few weeks ago and carries a stookie on her right foot.

Turning to serious matters, she insisted violence and aggression were not common in Scottish schools. "It's about fixing it before it gets broken, " she asserted, obviously with other things on her mind.

The sensitive souls of East Lothian's education committee, who met that morning, were equally impressed with the publicity on national radio and congratulated her on her performance.

"Does Ms Carrie have an Equity card?" enquired a Labour member and trade unionist. "Is she doing an encore?" asked another.

Education convener Willie Innes pointed out the obvious: "She hasn't got a leg to stand on."

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