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Cars from bronze to platinum

The car is the star of a new educational awards scheme which takes a technical, practical and sometimes critical look at the role of a hugely popular but currently controversial means of transport.

The emphasis of the Crest awards, sponsored by Ford and the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, is on identifying and solving problems. Information packs range from syllabus staples such as public transport, pollution and recycling to accommodation for long distance lorry drivers, in-car entertainment and the launch of a new model.

Students are asked to develop projects around these or other themes in the automotive industry. In-school trials have shown that the scheme suits students from a wide range of abilities and has applications in business studies and science as well as technology.

Four levels of accreditation are offered, from a bronze award requiring around 10 hours of work suitable from primary students, to a platinum award, which carries an Open University credit rating. The gold and silver awards are designed to run alongside GCSE, A-level and GNVQ courses. Further information from the Crest National Centre, tel: 0438 451482.

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