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Cash will secure independence

So far about one in six teachers have said they will pay the General Teaching Council's registration fee. I thank those and others who are planning to respond during the holidays.

The challenge now is to encourage those unsure about the GTC to come on board. We will write to all teachers in September to explain why we must ask for a fee.

We have explored various funding options but your report last week gives the wrong emphasis. Winning teachers' support will always be the priority. When I meet teachers, they are understandably concerned about the fee; most of them also stress the importance of the council's independence. The reality is that the two are linked: our long-term independence relies upon working towards a council with an independent funding stream.

Council members, most of whom are teachers, believe passionately that it is teachers who should shape this new body. They are also determined that the GTC be free to speak its mind and tell government, and others, what really happens in the classroom.

Carol Adams Chief executive, GTC344-354 Gray's Inn Rd, London WC1

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