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Catalogues, books, tapes and music

* ZigZag - music resources for dance. Ten CDs, Pounds 12 each, and cassettes, Pounds 8 each (some with teaching notes, Pounds 5). Great music to motivate children. For list, tel: 0141 950 2266.

* The Musical Garden - the garden is made up of sensory instruments crafted in wood that can be played in many different forms, and movement choreographed using the instruments. A magical experience for children of all ages, but especially special needs groups. For music workshops that can be adapted for dance, contact Giant Productions, 7 Water Row, Glasgow G51 3UW, tel: 0141 445 6000.

* Packs, tapes, multicultural expressive arts - contact Rachel Harris, Education officer, Academy of Indian Dance, 16 Flaxman Terrace, London WC1H 9AT, tel: 0171 387 0980.

* Dance in education books - from Dance Books, 15 Cecil Court, London WC2N 4EZ, tel: 0171 836 2314. Internet Website for booklist on http:\\\ * Books, videos and packs for secondary from the National Resource Centre for Dance, University of Surrey, Guildford GU2 5XH, tel: 01483 259316.

* Moray House has a dance resource at Cramond Campus, for reference only. Contact Diane Gordon, senior lecturer in dance, tel: 0131 312 6001.

* Professional dance companies, such as Scottish Ballet, Ballet Rambert, Scottish Dance Theatre, Ludus and Green Candle, frequently provide their own resources to accompany workshops.

* The next edition of the Dance Network Directory, produced by Dance Scotland, a national organisation for the representation and promotion of dance in Scotland, is due out in 1998. Provides contacts for dance in all areas of the country. Contact Karen Wood, Dance Scotland, The Attic, 17 Ruskin Terrace, Glasgow G12 8DY, tel: 0141 334 3092.

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