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Germany - ASA2

* Visit Deutsche Welle at german for news, TV clips, film extracts and a wide range of features on topical issues. Choose Deutschland entdecken for videos on German holiday destinations. For 10 news items spoken slowly and with extra clarity, click on Deutschkurse, then Nachrichten (requires MP3).

* linguaweb gives an in-depth view of life in Tuebingen and Swabia in the form of audio files backed up by tape-scripts and reinforcement exercises. Click on Tuebingen, then Regional Language Documents.

* www.dhm.delemo home.html contains hundreds of texts, images, audio files and videos charting the evolution of German politics, social attitudes and culture from 1900 to 2000. Go to Guided Tours for an overview with clear explanations and superb diction.

France - ASA2

* The TV5 site provides a wealth of material covering news, current affairs and lifestyle. For ideas on exploitation, choose enseignants and click on fiches pedagogiques des emissions.

* is an encyclopaedia which adds a three-page dossier each month to its growing bank. Subjects to date include l'image numerique, les nouveaux enjeux de l'education, Cannes et le cinema francais, la peinture moderne, l'eau, un bien rare and objectif environnement.

Mexico - KS4ASA2

* www.elbalero.gob. mxindex_esp.html Did you know that Mexico is home to 1,060 of the world's 8,500 bird species? Or that llaves, cuernitos, alamares and palomas are different types of bread? You will find this and much more on this informative site. Themes include history, geography, myths and legends, politics and wildlife. Also available in English, Italian and French.

* viajahome.html is designed for young children, so the language is accessible and texts are not too long. Crammed with information on natural phenomena, the environment, conservation and Mexican history, it also contains recipes, maps and tongue-twisters.

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