Catholic choice

BILL BOYD suggested last week that the Catholic Church hierarchy believes the ethos of Catholic schools is "better" than in the non-denominational sector. I suggest it is not a matter of being "better" but being "different". Catholic schools should be, and are, offering parents something different.

Mr Boyd goes on to quote Bishop Joseph Devine who referred to a "faith centred education". Again Mr Boyd links this solely to morality. While morality is important in any faith community, faith embodies much more than morality. A faith community is one where, as the bishop suggests, God is the centre.

Catholic schools as a faith community try to nurture and educate because this is, they believe, the will of God. In this way Catholic schools try to build up the Kingdom of God, the ultimate goal of all Christians.

Catholic schools, therefore, offer parents an alternative to a secular education. Many parents are happy to take up this offer despite all the opinion polls. Taking away this right would be a step backwards.

Mary Glen

Lomond Drive, Airdrie

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