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CHEFRENS PYRAMID. CHEOPS PYRAMID. CD-Roms pound;29.95 inc VAT for a single-user licenceNicholl Education Tel: 0800 174 734Web: MATHS CIRCUS ACT 3. 4Mation Educational Resources. Single user pound;39.50 plus VAT. Site Licence pound;79 plus vatTel: 01271 325353. Web:

Finding maths CD-Roms that are both good learning tools and also enjoyable has always been a problem, especially at secondary level. However this product achieves both aims, in an adventure where Chefron imprisons the users at the bottom of a pyramid. To be released they have to progress from room to room answering maths questions. Although limited to the prescribed route, there are enough enjoyable aspects to make this a valuable tool for the 11 to 14 range.

Cheops Pyramid takes a similar approach, but has improved graphics, harer questions and allows pupils to roam around each level investigating objects and collecting pieces of rope to help them climb to the next level. This is aimed at key stage 4 and is informative and fun.

Maths Circus Act 3 is the latest in a line of successful CD-Roms from 4Mation Educational Resources. There are 12 questions on the CD-Rom, each with 10 different levels of accessibility ranging from the first to final year of primary and beyond with some very difficult questions.

There are some welcome extra touches such as allowing teachers to monitor pupils' progress with reports and also printable worksheets so that the pupils can continue even without access to a computer. A very good addition to the Maths Circus range.

Mark Finnemore is a mathematics teacher at Latymer Upper school, west London

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