Celebrate a friend

This idea came from China more than 2,000 years ago. When people made friends they held a friendship ceremony and recited a promise of friendship aloud.

Write your own poem of friendship. Use the same basic pattern and put in your own ideas, such as:

I want to be friends with you

till ...

If we are friends,

I will ...

I will give you ...

I will like you more than ...

Promise of Friendship

I want to be friends with you

till we are

over a hundred years old,

till the sky turns green

and the mountains melt.

If we are friends

I will lend you my 13-colour biro,

and let you stand

in front of me

in the dinner queue.

I will give you

the freshness of the first-picked


the wisdom of the moon's beam

and my last square of Toblerone.

I will like you more than

the first day of the summer holiday,

the way the wind whispers

and orange Smarties.

Pie Corbett

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