Celebrate with a Poem

October 10 is National Poetry Day. Pie Corbett presents ways to make the most of this year's theme of celebration. Illustrations by Sara Fanelli

* Poetry assemblies: each class learns a poem to perform.

* Spread a poem: one person starts the day by selecting a short, rhyming poem. The poem then has to be "whispered" on until everyone in school has heard it. Hold an end-of-day assembly to see who heard it last - has it changed?

* Poem trees: make a paper tree. On each leaf is a poem, verse or favourite line. On the reverse, write down why you chose it.

* Visit a website: talk to poets, publish poems and find writing ideas online at: www.poetryzone.ndirect.co.uk.

* E-mail a poem: write a few verses of a celebration poem and e-mail it to other classes or schools to add more verses until you have reached 30.

* Pass the poem: each member of the class adds a new line or verse. Try the ideas on pages 28-32.

* Hide-and-seek poem: hide poems around the school (for example, attached to the underside of a bench). Hold a poetry treasure hunt.

The National Poetry Society has produced a pack, available from Joelle Taylor on 020 7420 9892. Visit www.poetrysociety.org.uk for last year's teaching ideas and examples, and link to the "poetry masterclass" for moreteaching ideas. To book a poet for the day, call Martin Colthorpe, education co-ordinator, 02074209894, or Jan Powling, from "Speaking of Books", on 0208692 4704.

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