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Celebrating Einstein

This is Einstein Year and there are events all over Scotland to celebrate the man who helped to bring us lasers, mobile phones and DVDs.

For behind all those technologies is the principle of the photo-electric effect, the subject of one of Albert Einstein's most famous papers, written 100 years ago.

This coming week there are special events as part of National Science Week (March 11-20), including a commemorative exhibition of Einstein, Maxwell and a Few Others at the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation in Edinburgh.

Few people know that Einstein gave a talk at Glasgow University in 1933.

"Einstein comes to Glasgow" will be a series of events exploring his life.

Watch out for the Einstein show at the Glasgow Science Centre in the autumn and for an Einstein trail during Open Doors days. The trail will draw attention to the science you can see around the city. From hospital scanning machines and taxis with satellite technology, Einstein's work provides the basis of so much modern physics.

For details of Einstein events, see

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