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Debbie Thrower chills out with the Mr Men

Instead of a bedtime story my children have a morning story, and the most relaxing start to my day is that blissful 20 minutes when I'm made a cup of tea by my husband. Seven-year-old Bryony and five-year-old Sam pile into bed with me and I read them one of their Mr Men books or something by Roald Dahl or Shirley Hughes.

My life is very busy because I commute every weekday to London from the country and I'm lucky if I get five minutes to myself. I enjoy swimming and intermittently power up and down the local pool in Winchester, although I made a New Year resolution to go more frequently. I also let off a bit of steam by walking the dogs. I have two black labradors, Rumpus and Bustle, and I take them out at least once a day. Rumpus was totally misnamed. He was a boisterous puppy, but now he's a placid, gentle, elder statesman. Bustle does live up her name, though; she's a great bottom waggler.

However, it's hard to think of a better way of relieving stress than polishing off half a bottle of Chardonnay while listening to some of my favourite music by the Jools Holland Blues Band, John Mayall, Eric Clapton, John Lee Hooker or BB King.

Debbie Thrower is a presenter for Radio 2. She was talking to Pamela Coleman

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