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Celebrity stress busters

Dr Thomas Stuttaford likes to relax with a glass - or two - of claret, Pamela Coleman discovers

Spending time by yourself every day is important in relieving stress. Everybody needs their own space.

The two most stressful times I find are when you first go into work and when you first come home. The moment I wake up I am thinking about the day ahead and I do not want to be disturbed by domestic routine.

The most I can deal with other than my plans for the day is the Today programme on Radio 4. I like to get to the consulting rooms early, before the telephone starts ringing, so that I can ease myself into the day.

And when I come home in the evening I need to ease myself back into home life. I like a little time to myself to take out the paper, turn on the television and have a glass of claret - or two. If I am going to have wine with dinner I have a glass of malt whisky with water to help me unwind.

Once I have settled into my home background, I am ready to talk to children, grandchildren, hear how the guttering has fallen down, the car would not start and all the other things of everyday life.

Dr Thomas Stuttaford is author of 'To Your Good Health! The Wise Drinker's Guide' and medical adviser for 'The Times'

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