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Vanessa Mae, violinist, reveals her favourite methods of unwinding

This morning I had a history lesson. I'm studying for three A-levels - English literature, French and history. Everybody asks me why. It's just that I enjoy learning new things.

When I am on the road my days are packed with interviews and I have a two-hour performance at night for three months without a real break. I wind down by going out for a good meal. I come from a family of gourmets. I like most things - except shellfish. My favourite food is caviar, but if I ate it every day I'd probably be sick.

Concentrating on something unrelated to work helps me relieve stress. During the day I often have a game of tennis or go roller-blading. I'm better at snow skiing than roller-blading, but the blades are easy to carry around. When I get time off I love to go skiing, especially in France.

At home in London I relax by walking my dogs. I have four lhasa apsos (Tibetan terriers, with hair in their eyes), all related. The mother was given to me when I was four and I'm 19 now so she is pretty old. We bought her a toy boy husband and I also have their two children. I find being with animals very relaxing.

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