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Dear Jamie Oliver,

Like you, I consider myself something of an expert in my chosen field. Before my recent retirement I spent many years as teacher, headteacher, local authority adviser and Ofsted-registered inspector. I'm also a keen amateur cook and diner, and have completed cookery courses in the UK and France.

I know that many of our restaurants are failing us. Although I've eaten well in many beautiful surroundings, I've all too often been served badly cooked food. Now you have inspired me to do something about it.

I'd like to take a group of failed restaurateurs and show them how to produce high-quality meals. I shall require the services of a team of expert chefs.

Like yours, my venture will be filmed for TV. But I'm a realist and recognise that it will be nothing more than a stunt, providing an unrealistic solution to a national failing.

With restaurants, their success or failure is of little real consequence. Sadly, Jamie, problems in our schools are a much more serious matter that have a profound impact upon our society. They cannot be solved with mildly entertaining but naive solutions.

Louis Crouan, Former head and Ofsted inspector, Leyland.

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