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Census forms

Though most Census forms have been completed and sent off, there's still plenty going on to fuel classroom activities. See the results of the Junior Census involving 50,000 seven to16-year-olds at

Collation of the Census information has just started at Widnes and schools can find out more about the process via the same site. As well as the online resources, there's Count Me In, two excellent study packs inspired by this national event. For primary pupils there are useful activities, from counting games tothe construction of Venn diagrams. For secondary students there is a poem by Andrew Motion, and some challenges - testing statistical hypotheses and relating demographic change to specific historical conditions. A CD-Rom adds some versatile software, involving family trees, data on population trends and the modelling of planning decisions.

One copy of Count Me In should have been distributed to all schools in England and Wales. For more information, contact Census Customer Services, 01329 813800. Email:

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