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Centre does not milk schools' European funds

The Grant Maintained Schools Centre has, for five years operated the European Union milk scheme for the benefit of its members (TES, February 24).

In order to keep subscription fees as low as possible we have never levied any administration charge on the schools in membership. We distribute the funds on behalf of the Intervention Board with as little delay as possible.

This involves a very considerable amount of administrative time and cost. The number of cheques we distribute is very large and the amounts can be quite small, but the costs of administration of any cheque are the same regardless of the value of the cheque. Most of our members are, I believe, aware that the centre is a non-profit-making company, that such a system is costly to maintain and have appreciated that we are not adding administrative charges.

Any school that is not happy with this arrangement has only to tell us and we will deal with the matter promptly.

ADRIAN PRITCHARD Director The Grant Maintained Schools Centre Wesley Court, Priory Road High Wycombe, Bucks.

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