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Chain bumf

Naffed-off college principals are even more naffed off with the Scottish Further Education Funding Council and the bumf burden it is apparently heaping on the sector.

The Association of Scottish Colleges' annual greetin' meetin' heard one delegate complain of a demand for an ethnicity survey of students and staff. We are told of the following trail.

The data colleges have to send to HMI is gleaned from information already sent to the Scottish Executive's statisical unit, which is, after aggregation, sent back to colleges to be sent back to Victoria Quay as part of their returns.

Got it? Probably not.

Meanwhile, Ian Graham, principal of Glasgow's John Wheatley College, revealed he was now receiving letters from the funding council addressed to "Dear John".

Someone is obviously trying to tell him something. But Graham reports that correspondence appears to have dried up after he replied as Ian Wheatley.

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