Chalking up the issues

David Henderson reports on a rough ride for the leadership at the EIS's annual conference in Dundee.

Moves to introduce Standard grade courses into S2 are driven by the pressure to gain results and certificates and are "ill-considered", George MacBride, education convener, stated. The courses were designed for the middle years, not younger children, while Higher Still courses were for over-16s. "The whole question of maturity is central to this," he said.

Larry Flanagan, Glasgow, appealed for stability in S3 and S4. "Standard grade is not perfect but by and large it works," he said. But Pat Flanagan, Aberdeenshire, said Fraserburgh Academy had pushed 500 able pupils in eight years through Standard grade maths courses that began in S2. Access 2 courses were also suitable for pupils with special educational needs in S2.

The conference failed to reach agreement.

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