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The champion of teachers

I would like to endorse the appreciation of the valuable contribution made by Willis Pickard, the retiring editor, expressed by Judith Gillespie in last week's letters column. Under his leadership The TESS has gone from strength to strength, as he has often voiced support for the profession in times of change and challenge.

I once wrote describing The TESS as "the champion of teachers, when the dailies get it wrong", reflecting on the battering which over pofession has had from some members of the Scottish press, particularly when the morale of teachers was at its lowest. While Willis has been a key supporter, he has not been slow to speak out when we should reflect on the necessity for change, as circumstances have dictated it. I trust he will continue to write from time to time and fight the corner.

I wish him a long, health and happy retirement.

John G Muir Rowan Avenue, Dornoch Sutherland

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