A chance to express your views on disability and impairments

The Disability Rights Commission has launched an investigation looking at the barriers faced by people with impairments and long-term health conditions in teaching, social work and nursing in England, Wales and Scotland.

As part of the investigation, researchers at the University of Central Lancashire and the social care workforce research unit, King's College London, are asking teachers and trainee teachers about their experiences of informing their employer, training organisation or regulatory body about a disability or long-term health condition.

We want to find out why some teachers may be reluctant to reveal their details and what the consequences of doing so might be. Are teachers aware of their disability rights? What are their views on the attitudes and practices of the regulatory body? Have they experienced, or anticipated, negative or positive responses to disclosure? How can disclosure be promoted?

We want to talk in confidence to those who have disclosed impairments and long-term health conditions and to those who have so far chosen not to disclose. We are particularly hoping to talk to teachers who have "invisible" disabilities, such as heart disease, diabetes, depression andor mental health problems, dyslexia, epilepsy and other types of impairment, but would be pleased to hear from any teacher with a disability.

If you would be interested in contributing to this research, email: JRidley1@uclan.ac.uk.

Dr Julie Ridley Department of social work University of Central Lancashire Preston

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