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The changing face of Docklands

1. The photograph (top left) was taken in 1983 when most of the industries in Docklands had closed down.

a. In which direction is the photograph looking?

b. In what ways could the area be considered to be ready for development?

2. The photograph (bottom left) was taken in 2000.

a. Is the area now thriving or in decline?

b. Using evidence from the photographs, describe the changes in land use between 1983 and 2000.

3. Study the 1983 picture. There was considerable local controversy about the Docklands redevelopment. Some thought that the docks should continue to be used for small businesses and boatyards, and that adjacent areas should be used for building new houses and parks so that local communities could benefit.

With the aid of a sketch, suggest an alternative plan, using the 1983 photograph as a base map.

Adapted from Essential Mapwork Skills by Simon Ross

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