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Character-building projects

In a remarkable presentation at Hawick High, girls from the second year to sixth year talk about their recent experiences on a range of character-and confidence-building initiatives organised by the school.

These include Images of Britain, an Iceland and information technology excursion, a Columba 1400 course, and Heart of Hawick, a community project to restore a local old mill and turn it into a centre for arts, education and entertainment.

There is clearly no shortage of ambition or confidence among these girls, whose career aspirations range from law and medicine to teaching (always a popular choice where pupils enjoy their experience of school).

Perhaps the most satisfying aspect of the projects, say the girls, is that while teaching them about the real world - and sometimes learning surprising things about themselves - they also allow them to work on their own initiative and see their ideas realised.

"I really like that," says Hannah McHugh, who is active in the Heart of Hawick regeneration project. "You get to see things happening and feel you have had a part in them.

"You don't often get that feeling at school."

Heart of Hawick: and its history:

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