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Chariots of ire

Regrettably, we neglected last week to flag up that event of the year - the General Teaching Council for Scotland annual lecture, delivered a couple of weeks ago by Lord Puttnam of Queensgate CBE (another one).

A renowned film-maker of course, but he is known in the circles that matter as former chair of the GTC England and UK president of Unicef.

Puttnam was also the chap who set up the teaching "Oscars" in England, which did not run well in north Britain, as someone in the audience to whom he mysteriously referred as "Bill" would testify.

This turned out to be the Scottish Secondary Teachers' Association's rumbustious former president, Bill Fitzpatrick, who outed himself.

All he could say of Puttnam now was: "I've since learned he can be very persuasive."

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