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Charity begins elsewhere

Coming to the aid of teachers is not flavour of the month. Our online staffroom forum has been visited by "Miro" who confesses to being "horrified" at receiving a mailshot from the Educational Institute of Scotland asking for pound;3 for Teacher Support Scotland. Miro complains:

"A few things that came to mind are: 1. We pay our EIS subscriptions for that support 2. The charity office has the same address as the EIS 3. Is teaching now seen as a case for charity?

4. Is the EIS no longer there to provide that support?

5. How bad is teaching actually becoming if charity is needed?"

"Needtoknow" replies in kind: "I agree wholeheartedly with all of your points and would like to see all EIS members make similar points to their executive."

It is left to "LisaF" to protest: "Sorry, but I generally support the idea of helping out others and would like to contribute to a fund which supports teachers in need."

One of her needs, however, was for EIS reps to listen to her complaints about job-sizing, which they allegedly did not.

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