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Charity choice

We've found this a very effective and democratic way of choosing a charity for the school to support. Each year, pupils working individually or in pairs choose a charity to research during the summer term. They contact the charity for information and pictures. During the summer holidays, they write a three to four-minute presentation promoting their charity, using photos, newspaper reports and other illustrations. The pupils then give their presentations to the whole school, taking up each assembly for a week in September. At the end of the week, the school votes by secret ballot for the charity of their choice.

The pupil or pupils who promoted the "winning" charity are put in charge of organising fundraising events. This year's charity is the Royal National Lifeboat Institute. As well as providing a charity to focus on for the year, and one which has been democratically chosen, the scheme promotes presentation and research skills and improves pupils' confidence.

Sarah Ballard, Kintbury St Mary's Primary School, Berkshire.

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