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Charlotte Krzanicki

Charlotte Krzanicki is deputy head of Fulbridge Schools, Peterborough.

We've taken our Year 3 pupils to Flag Fen for the past couple of years because we study the Romans in the spring term and we look at settlements as part of that, working out how and why people settle in different parts of the country.

The talks they are given do require prior knowledge, especially of the Roman era, so we booked the visit for the end of the term to give ourselves plenty of time for preparation and to ensure the students knew exactly what they were coming to learn about.

I think it's better to come for the whole day, otherwise there isn't time to do everything. As it's very close to Peterborough, we don't have to spend too long travelling. It also means the cost of the coach isn't too high. We've had no problem with parents contributing to the cost. We do like the children to go on a variety of trips to enable them to have first-hand, new experiences and this is a very good hands-on one. They love digging for evidence and sitting round the fire in the Round House.

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