Chart the way to chartered status

I hope that MP David Shaw's proposed amendment to the Education Bill (TES, November 22) is put into a proper context. For the last three years, the Professional Association of Teachers has been encouraging the School Teachers' Review Body to look beyond each current year and to begin to plan for a new career profile for the teacher.

What we are looking for is:

* a two-year post-graduate induction period;

* three years' further continuing professional development;

* chartered teacher status.

We would expect chartered teachers to take more collegiate responsibility within schools and to maintain the chartered standards.

I am pleased to note that Mr Shaw's view of a progression to a chartered status for teachers would lead to higher pay; our five-year plan makes the same proposal. We believe that high status, underpinned by effective in-service training, is what will eventually lead to better pay for teachers. History has shown that campaigns for higher pay have done nothing to achieve high pay, let alone improve the status of the teacher. The PAT strategy stands a greater chance of that, especially if more political support is forthcoming.


General secretary

Professional Association of Teachers

2 St James' Court

Friar Gate


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