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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Proposed Cosla deal for supply teachers

Socrates82: I am aghast at the EIS's recommendation to accept the Cosla proposals for short-term supply teachers. If you were to suggest to a plumber or gas-fitter that you'll pay them at 62 per cent of their due daily rate because "it's the first five days of their contract", they would laugh in your face.

Kazakerr: Supply teachers HAVE to reject this proposal. Why the hell should we be in a school for six hours and only get paid for five! How dare they. I am always preparing during the break and lunchtime. Also, if you are on short-term supply, you usually arrive half an hour early to prepare for the day, get your bearings etc, especially if you haven't been in the school before.

Rosey21: I am in absolute pieces! I've spent three years trying to carve out a career, working rotten hours, working for free, all to get enough supply to get experience, do what I love doing and stay afloat. I've been in the same school on long-term supply stints and there are retirements coming up. I thought I might finally have a chance, but now these posts will go to probationers just finished. How in hell is this fair?

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