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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Really concerned about probation travel

jademcfarlane: I'm coming to the end of my four-year BEd and I'm getting really concerned about my probation year. I live in Glasgow, but have selected Dundee as my first choice for probation as my boyfriend will be studying there. My main issue is that I can't drive, and I'm worried about getting my fifth choice, Clackmannanshire. Does the fact I studied in Strathclyde affect my likelihood of getting my first choice of Dundee?

laurenzo99: Where you studied will have no effect on where you end up - it really is a lottery. You may want to look into intensive driving courses for the summer holidays.

nick_t: I heard a rumour that if you pick Clackmannanshire anywhere in your five selections, you get it.

mustbecrazy: When the woman from GTC came in to speak to us she said that it was like a raffle - first picked, first choice. I suspect there may be a bit of deviation from this to ensure that everyone gets a choice. However, I got my first choice and so did most of my friends. The few people I know who did not get one of their first choices were employed in authorities with much better options post-probation - so either way won in the end.

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