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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Primary jobs in Renfrewshire

0802327m: Has anyone heard anything about the teaching jobs in Renfrewshire? (Closing date 24th June.) I have had one knock-back email so far and was just wondering when I should hear about the rest.

potatoes5: The figure I heard on one set of jungle drums was 298 applicants for one post and I think that can be taken as accurate.

MrsRucksack: From what I have heard, these posts have been going to probationers. I imagine that the council wants to be able to boast about a high percentage of probationers having work, to keep Mike Russell happy. I have friends who have been on supply for 2-3 years, getting pretty regular work, who didn't even get an interview. It's a horrible situation: those of us who started the PGDE 4-5 years ago, when there was no mention of a jobs crisis, have been left high and dry, and those who started the PDGE two years ago, knowing full well that there was a jobs crisis, are getting jobs.

airy: It was discussed here around that time - I remember because they were still offering extra loans as an incentive to train for maths and English and that seemed at odds with what was said here. Sorry, that sounds really unsympathetic. I actually meant to point out how slow the Government have been in realising that there is a problem.

kibosh: I never knew about the TES community until a few years ago. Even if I had known and read posts warning of the impending crisis to come, I'm not sure that would have stopped me applying for teacher training. It's human nature, you just think it's never going to happen to you, that somehow you will be immune from casualty status.

airy: I assumed I would get a job despite shortages because I've always been good at what I choose to do. When I first started thinking about teaching I found this place and read avidly - the behaviour thread scared the bejesus out of me - but I couldn't tell then what was reliable information and what was scaremongering or just an unlikely scenario.

jenh87: As far as I was aware, the jobs didn't go to probationers. I was one of the VERY lucky ones to get a permanent post and I'm not a probationer. I know of other people who also got posts and they were not probationers either. In fact, I know of a few probationers who were told they wouldn't get an interview due to "inexperience".

GuessWho: So . the recently "agreed" deal has fallen at the first hurdle. Probationers (now NQTs) have not even been considered for interviews. I'm sure though that supply staff wages will still be slashed. Are any unions monitoring the situation re the "guarantee" of sufficient posts for NQTs? (whether they end up getting filled by NQTs is another debate!)

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