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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

April is a write-off, apparently

catmother: Apart from the royal wedding, any other day off is part of a well-established pattern. Kids always get two weeks off around this time of the year and the May Day is hardly new.

Jenmac: Is the election part of it because primary schools are used as polling stations and therefore closed?

Pamela2223: As a temporary supply teacher, I can only get six days' pay in my May pay packet, so not exactly a fan of how the holidays have worked out this year.

CanuckGrrl: After the April break, we have two four-day weeks in a row, then a three-day week for the children (May Day Monday plus election day).

Miss_Wormwood: In my LA, for some schools, the week of the May Day holiday is a two-day week for the kids, as Tuesday 3rd is an inservice day, and the school is used as a polling station on Thursday 5th.

chocolatecheesecake: If Easter had been in the Spring fortnight and Wills and Kate had decided on a summer wedding, the kids would only be in another three days! I for one am happy to be on holiday and have the time with my own children.

homegirl: All right for some. We aren't a polling station, and we're not getting the wedding day off.

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