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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Fast-track dismissal

cochrane1964: Incompetent Scottish teachers will be removed from the profession more quickly under a radical overhaul ...

Dominie: The proposals are out for consultation ( Make sure you have your say!

Sadowitz: Will the accepted definition of incompetence be made clearer? What about bullying or whimsical SMTdepartmental heads who make nervous wrecks of some teachers, then cry "incompetent"? Some teachers are pretty poor at bureaucracy but are cracking classroom presences, and vice versa.

I've seen teachers who are jaded, unflinching in their methods and ticking off the hours until they retire. They figure that, provided they register kids' presence and don't do anything criminal, it's a job for life.

I'm all for auditors to evaluate performance based on: professionalism; quality of lessons and teaching; attendance and basic duties. This could lead to performance-related pay enhancement for the best of us, secure the rest of us a bully-free environment and provide a three-strikes and you're out framework for genuine incompetence.

Flyonthewall75: We already have such a system - monitoring and evaluation. We also have internal LA school reviews and external HMIE inspections.

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