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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

McCormac review

catmother: A quick read seems to say that "the wider learning community" (whatever that is) is waiting in the wings wanting to take another piece of us and . needs us to be on school premises and available.

readyfortheweekend: "Highlights" so far for me are primary teachers being required to plan for time they are NOT in front of the class (so someone else will deliver the lesson), external "experts" accredited in some as yet undefined manner can deliver input to kids at say-so of heidies. McCrone time to be delivered in monthly blocks and used for collegiate activities. Supply teachers not having the "same responsibilities" as perm teacher, therefore their pay scales should be looked at. I could gone on, but I won't. It's far too bleedin' depressing.

Lynseymac: "We are of the view that teachers should use opportunities, such as holiday periods, to engage in high quality CPD activity." I have done plenty stuff for school during holidays, as do many other teachers, but I resent their suggestion that this is what we SHOULD do with our precious time off . Oh, and the chartered teacher programme should be discontinued. Great! So those of us already on the programme can't even finish it.

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