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Pension changes and total confusion abound.

holdingon: If your pension costs were to increase by the suggested amount of 3.2 per cent on average but your normal retirement age remained the same for all currently employed, would the Government have a done deal? What really gets on my nerve is the shifting of the retirement age - what do others think?

coaltown1: I am totally confused. I am 56 and have only been teaching 14 years, so need to continue as long as possible to get a half-decent pension. I'm not sure whether I'll need to keep going to 66, because I'll really need my state pension to help out - my work pension won't be enough. I know I can claim my work pension earlier but it would be very small.

GuessWho: The idea of working to 66-68 would, for some, literally be a killer. Very little point in having a pension starting at 66 if you're not around to enjoy it. Keeping the retirement age at 60 would also free up places for all the NQTs and not-so-NQTs to gain employment.

holdingon: If you know at the outset of your career that the pension is payable at the state pension age, then you plan for that - bit difficult when you are 10 or less years away from finishing.

GuessWho: Pension is deferred wage. For almost 30 years I've kept my side of the bargain . expecting to retire at 60 with access to all pension payments I've made . not just the first 30 years with the final seven or so locked away for a further six years. TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE.

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