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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

CTs no better in classroom?

Bayviewdreamer: I think that the chartered teacher system did not have enough checks and balances when teachers were applying to do this. Too many were allowed to go on without checks on their classroom ability.

ScotSEN: That might have been the case initially, but when I decided to undertake my CT it was at the suggestion of my headteacher and before I was allowed on the course with Aberdeen University I needed two references - one from my HT and the other came from my principal teacher.

Barbiedoll59: Aberdeen asked for that from the beginning as I was one of the first group to go through. I know Glasgow did the same. Not sure about the rest, though. In addition, either my PT or HT was required to sign off each assignment to verify I'd done what I said I had. From what I experienced doing the programme at Aberdeen, I would argue that the course was tough enough to make sure that we were more than meeting the CT standard.

ScotSEN: The experience was not easy but certainly worth it. It has helped to improve my teaching. The other thing I don't understand is how senior management teams don't know who is a CT. Even if you didn't tell them, they will find out when they check the finances and see the staff salaries. Apparently our administrator nearly had a fit when she saw my first CT payment as it had a few months' back pay and my salary for that month was nearly the same as the HT's.

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