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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Education Scotland inspection

davieee: My school is due to have an inspection in the next couple of weeks from Education Scotland. Does anyone know what the new format of inspection consists of?

Dominie: The name has changed but not the mantra.

Self-evaluation: what evidence does your department have? Department minutes, pupil voice questionnaires, Qamp;A procedures by the PT, jotter marking clearly evident, target setting for the pupils in your classes focusing on improvement.

CfE: evidence that you're using the Os and Es including the literacy, health and well-being and numeracy ones.

Active learning and teaching: pull out the stops and chuck in as much AifL stuff as you can: peer assessment, "no hands up", traffic lightingplenaries to check progress.

brady10: We were inspected under the new format five weeks ago. They don't give any notice about visits but they will come into your room at some time.

They visited my department five times. They made classroom visits from the first afternoon (Monday) up until the Thursday morning. They focused on Es and Os and how well pupils could discuss their learning.

The ability for a school to identify and change any problem areas is also important. When they visited they were not interested in loads of paperwork but the direct impact of all of this on the learner . It is not as bad as it used to be, however stay on your toes.

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