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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Is the strike the talk of your staffroom?

Jennet: We spent most of lunchtime today discussing it. People's opinions on striking, whether you should strike with your union even though you voted no, what to do if you're not in a striking union. Quite a clear idea of what it means to cross a picket line! Lots of sympathy for supply teachers.

Winaukee: Lots of talk about the strike in our staffroom and a lot of teachers have no idea what it means. A couple have asked if they still get paid during the strike and one is a modern studies teacher!

segbog: I'm SSTA - and I am going to sign in with the jannie on the 30th - I cannot afford to lose a day's wages . it's been hand to mouth recently. Behind with the rent, maxed out on the overdraft, god even knows about the council tax, and as for paying the leccygas bill soon, I have no idea. But I do support trying to stop this nonsense.

coaltown1: I thought all public service employees would be on strike, including the janitor?

GuessWho: If the proposals go through, you stand to lose the equivalent (if not more) every month in increased pension payments (in the order of pound;100).

cochrane1964: Anyone not backing their union's democratic strike action is a scab and should be looked upon as such.

soscared: What happens to those who don't strike? Does it mean that the school will remain open?

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