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Strike action turnout

Freddie92: There was a hugely impressive turnout in Glasgow today. Very proud to play my small part but even better was the support from passers- by and shoppers. At one point I had a lump in my throat as we headed down to Trongate and as the traffic stopped, people all over the place started clapping. It was a genuine moment of solidarity.

lelseydramaqueen: That's heartening. I went to the pub in Dunfermline after the rally in Dundee and took absolute dog's abuse about how "greedy" we are, what "gold-plated pensions" we have etc. Didn't stay long.

cracker: Nothing wrong with pension reforms. Having done the sums I can retire at 55 with a lump sum of gt;60k and an annual pension just under 10k. Get a part-time job at Bamp;Q for a few years. How much money do you greedy people need? Are you bankers in disguise?

triadplus1: Nothing wrong unless you're uncomfortable doing sums based on figures that will be at the mercy of future governments. I'm glad you will be fine in your retirement . I want that for all teachers.

jemima211: Personally I was disappointed by the turnout at the Aberdeen rally. Thought there would be a lot more people there, instead of staying at home!

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