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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Gifts from pupils - can you accept?

Feenie: I have read something online where a teacher makes various claims about schools in which she has worked regarding Xmas gifts - eg staff are not allowed to accept a gift worth more than #163;3, or another school with a "gift bin" - every gift goes straight in, you can apply to take something out if you want it and give a donation to school funds, but most are just thrown in the skip. Anyone ever come across any gift practice weirdness like this?

Si N.Tiffick: No, we keep our gifts.

RailroadGin: Ditto. LA's policy appears to be "keep them". My wife usually comes home heavily laden with boxes of chocolates, a goodly supply of new "teacher" coffee mugs, perfume, fridge magnets etc. Last year she received a bungee jumping voucher and a helicopter pilot lesson voucher! I tell parents that I would rather they spend the money on class items - pencils, crayons etc.

Pete Sake: LA policy is that any council staff must declare a gift worth more than #163;10. If a child has been thoughtful enough to take the time and effort to consider giving a gift, I'd find it inconsiderate not to accept.

Jennett: The best ones were the parents who sent treats into the staffroom - including a boozy Christmas cake.

Segbog: Wish I taught in your schools ... no gifts at mine. Only insults and grief.

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