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Pay rate for secondary supply

Boomba: I have just completed 17 days as a supply teacher and my final pay was pound;520. Having been at the top of my pay scale (when in a permanent post) and realising that supply is calculated at the first rung of the ladder in the teaching pay scale, I am totally stumped. There were no breakdown details on my payslip except that my tax code is OT1 and the deductions were pound;131 tax and pound;7 national insurance. My rate per hour was shown as pound;15.6328. Can anybody explain the pay structure?

Airy: I do wonder how you missed this. The first 5 days of supply work are paid at the first point of the pay scale. For those days you are only paid for contact time and 30 minutes' planning, as you are not deemed to be taking on all the duties of a permanent teacher - a max of 5 hours per day. After those 5 days - if in the same role - you will be transferred to your normal point on the pay scale and paid for a full 35 hours a week. Any change in role and some schools knock you back to the 5-day rate.

Jennett: If you were working 17 days covering the same teacher in one school, you should have been paid at your rate on the scale and for 7 hours a day. If you were working in different schools or even covering for different teachers in one school, you will have been paid at 0.1 on the scale (pound;15.60) but for only 5 hours a day.

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