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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Giving notice

boristhespie: Been at school for number of months. Problem is I am finding the PT impossible to trust. Not great, since first long-term work since qualifying. Am I required to give notice? If so, I may as well just keep working.

leesey: If you are planning on jacking in this position, be prepared never to work again. You may not get a single day's work. Check your contract if you have one. You'll probably find if you are temp it will be four weeks. If you are just supply, I'd say at least one week out of courtesy.

kibosh: You don't have to, but you can give a few days' notice, a week if you feel generous. Once the deed is done, you will feel a weight lift from your shoulders and very soon, no doubt, you'll be working elsewhere and much happier about walking into a newdifferent school of a morning.

Jennett: It is likelypossibly going to come to an end at Easter, so I presume you're already looking for work. Even if you can't get any, you could make it clear that you'll be leaving them at Easter, so they don't plan to have you after that. You can phrase it as wanting to move on to something different.

iconoclastic: Employers and teachers are governed by contracts, and the School Teachers' Pay and Conditions. Your notice period is defined by whatever contract is in force for you.

boristhespie: Started as supply, then went more than 5 days. Got tiny slip of paper saying I was now on the follow-on rate of pay. Contract I have signed is simply the one I signed when applying for supply list. Not sure if the move to higher rate has consequence for notice.

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