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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Confident with the new courses?

Teachingforages: No way.

Airy: Nah. But we'll muddle through.

Dominie: There is a danger here that the public will perceive the profession as moaning minnies who cannot handle change. We should point out the substantial difficulties parents would have re curriculum organisation, the new exams in 2014 and the Higher exams in 2015.

Catmother: We have been muddling through because we've had to and we will continue to muddle through because we have no choice.

Airy: N4 is based on the Level 3 and 4 outcomes and the SQA is against early presentation, so really we have a whole year before we need to think about formal assessment. More delay won't solve anything as we won't really get to grips with these courses until we are teaching them.

Kibosh: I think the feeling in my subject is that the courses can't be built without specifics about the assessments.

Mcmullet: Why not? What is taught in a course should be much broader than what is tested in an exam. Sometimes I think teachers want to know what the exam will look like so they can decide what the minimum they can get away with is.

Txtmsgspk: No, teachers want to know what is in the exam so that we can properly prepare pupils to sit it.

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