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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Alex Salmond on Radio Scotland

nordanses: Did anyone else hear this interview? He mentioned that the EIS have voted to accept the pay deal and that as a result every post- probationer would have a job in August. My understanding of the agreement was that there will be "enough jobs available" - not that probationers had to get those jobs. Our LA told all probationers that they would keep a "percentage" of probationers next session. So who's telling porky pies?

Mrs Rucksack: If this year's probationers are handed jobs (albeit temporary) I will be furious. I did my PGDE in 2006-07. I still have no job, just occasional supply. Why should this year's probationers get work when those of us who have been struggling on supply for years get nothing?

nordanses: I get the feeling from a lot of posts on this forum that my cohort will become public enemies if we get positions in schools.

weegoose: I feel exactly the same! I sit in the staffroom in my school listening to all of the other teachers bitching about it and it makes me feel so awkward.

abmiss: If all the other teachers are "bitching" about it, it is because they are aware of many good teachers who have not been able to secure regular employment and are uneasy at the thought of only the latest cohort being able to do so.

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