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Does Mike Russell have your confidence?

Freddie92: U-turns and more U-turns. Is Mike Russell simply out of his depth? I am unsure just how talented he really is, as he seems to blunder from one mistake to another. I thought his comment: "I want to help schools to catch up. I won't blame them" was disgraceful. I think there must be a great chance he will either fall on his sword or be axed. I would reckon he is the most unpopular education secretary since devolution.

grunwald: Given the financial climate and the woolly nature of CfE, any Scottish education secretary would need the wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Job. Russell is thought to lack the latter.

issor2: Mr Chips would struggle to implement CfE

CanuckGrrl: The thing is, he's Salmond's man, and as long as Salmond can do no wrong, Mike is perfectly safe where he is.

babette: I don't think he has a clue, but whether that is down to poor advice from the high heid yins in LA education departments or due to the fact that all the latest education policies (CfE being a case in point) can be compared to The Emperor's New Clothes, is yet to be seen.

gnulinux: The problem goes far beyond just him. He is going to be the "fall guy". This will reflect badly on the SNP and ultimately Salmond. They should have realised that the grandiosely named CfE was a disaster in the making and stopped it in its tracks years ago.

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Tes Editorial

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