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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Work to rule?

champagnecharlie: Got an email from SSTA saying we are being balloted on a work to rule. If, like me, you are the only person in your department in the SSTA, how would you stick to this without causing a riot? It would have been more effective last term when we were snowed under.

Harryhausen: In my school, where most of the SMT delegate everything to non-promoted staff, I think work to rule will be highly effective - but only as a blunt message to our immediate managers.

CheesyWotsits: Your line manager and union should support you. You shouldn't feel guilty about only doing what you are contracted to do.

airy: 35 hours is the bare minimum and it doesn't mean you won't do development work. You keep track of your tasks and stop at 35 hours - part of that is determined by your school and covers parents' evenings, meetings, etc. It's only if the tasks you are asked to do cannot be done within those hours that you don't do them. The advice is usually to ask your line manager what the priorities are.

Dominie: The minimum? NO. You are doing what you are contracted and paid to do. If you follow the SSTA advice, the important parts of the job (teaching and learning) should not suffer. Cover work? Not your problem. PTs are paid for it in their job-sized salary. Long-term absence? There should be a (properly paid) supply teacher.

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