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The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

The latest chat from the TES Scotland forums

Glow lives on

MilkyBar Kid: So the Scottish government breathes new life into Glow, announcing a 15-month extension to the contract with RM to take us to 2014. Another stellar performance from Mike Russell! Hopefully, the LAs will have had enough of all this dithering and will move forward with their plans and we can start again with a product that we can all use.

champagnecharlie: It sounds like the death knell is clanging and I don't intend to spend hours that I don't have working on something that will be scrapped in 18 months!

steve100: I totally agree. The sooner LAs bin this ridiculous waste, the better - move towards Google Apps independently and show what Scottish education can really achieve when allowed freedom and a set of evolving tools which will never be out of date and can provide access to all on any platform.

MilkyBar Kid: A 15-month extension (at a cost of pound;6m apparently) seems a rather strange period of time. Clearly, there is no replacement in mind, otherwise a three or six-month extension would have been sought.

glenthedog: Some breathing space is badly required to look at the issues of handing this much power and influence over education ICT within Scotland to just one organisation.I think the SGLT Scotland (sic) should host a Moodle-driven virtual learning environment that is independent of any corporate organisation. This VLE would then effectively become the spine of the intranet which hosted the real content that needs to be shared. At this point, LAs and schools would be free to push forward with the technology of their choice. scotland.

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