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Five-year contracts for teachers

cochrane1964: Brian McAlinden, former HT of Castlemilk and government adviser, suggested this at parliamentary committee. Looks like the casualisation continues.

holdingon: More teacher bashing. Why are we such easy targets?

Dominie: Let's start with the heidies. Have you ever heard of any potential HT failing the SQH? How confident would you be as a road user if the pass rate for the driving test was 100 per cent?

grunwald: Not sure how Mr McAlinden's temporary contracts sit with the collegiate ethos of Curriculum for Excellence and faculty management structures. The last thing we want is the English scenario where heads and boards of governors can sack teachers.

Old_Pa_Grumpinuts: Five-year contract? Good luck trying to get a mortgage, then.

carol75: What happens to those who dare to disagree with SMT? Or generally stick their head above the parapet?

vforvendetta: Sounds good to me, as long as we get to negotiate our contracts. If it's easier to get rid of the poor teachers, the better ones will be in demand. Just like footballers. Time we gave up outdated, ideological socialist ideals.

CanuckGrrl: Amen to that. Better dead than red!

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Tes Editorial

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