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Work to contract

GuessWho: Be interested to hear how this is being implemented in schools. At this time of year the "35-hour week" situation is unlikely to be a concern. However, what are people declining to do at present because the activity is not part of their contract?

Dominie: Motion passed by a very well attended SSTA meeting in a school of over 50 members. All SSTA members will cease extra-curricular work at lunchtimes and after school from 14 May unless there is a pre-arranged arrangement, cease involvement in extra-curricular outings unless there is a pre-arranged agreement, adhere to appendix B and E of the Agreement for the 21st Century and work a 35-hour week.

airy: I've stopped running my lunchtime club and I'm sticking rigidly to 35 hours. It's easy just now. I am a bit worried as to how I will cope come November when exam pressures, NAB marking and folio marking. But I'm planning strategies to deal with it. I'm just glad I have a sympathetic PT who supports me in this.

GuessWho: We decided to withdraw from extra-curricular trips and clubs, supported study sessions, voluntary committees and interval and lunchtime corridor and playground supervision. This has not gone down well with HT. Goodness knows what will happen in August when the effect of the 35-hour week is felt.

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Tes Editorial

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