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Help to restore proper pay for all teachers

SecondarySupply Teacher: Scottish Supply Teachers are asking all permanent colleagues to support their campaign to restore professional wages for supply staff. All we ask is a pound;10 donation to help us take legal action. No one knows how their circumstances will be in the future and it is in the interest of all teachers and pupils that supply pay is restored to proper rates.

socrates82: Great idea and I'm in for pound;100. This is also a chance for EIS members to show they have solidarity with their teaching colleagues.

leesey: I'm absolutely behind the premise of taking action, but won't be donating until I know more about it. For example, what precisely would be your points of action, where exactly will the funds be held until such times, and with whom are you planning on seeking legal support? I totally back the cause.

socrates82: I see the fund is up to pound;550 already. Great to see the support from permanent friends and colleagues, hopefully some more others can manage to help.

coffeekid: I've donated. I'm fizzing about the supply situation, even though I have a job (for now - it's temporary). I don't think that anyone in this profession should be ignoring the plight of supply teachers.

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Tes Editorial

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